Confidentiality Agreements

What are Confidentiality Agreements?


Confidentiality Agreements are also known as Non-Disclosure Agreements. The purpose of using a Confidentiality Agreement is to keep information confidential by limiting its disclosure.


By virtue of having a Confidentiality Agreement between the Discloser and the Recipient, in case of a breach of confidentiality, the disclosing party will have additional rights under law to sue the recipient for the breach. 

What are the kinds of Confidentiality Agreements? 


There are three major categories namely, which you can purchase below:


(i) Employee Confidentiality Deed - This is a Confidentiality Deed between a Business and an Employee.

(ii) Mutual Confidentiality Deed - This is a Confidentiality Deed between two parties, where each party is obligated to ensure that the information they receive from the other party is kept confidentially. Use this deed if both parties will be sharing confidential information. 

(iii) Service Provider Confidentiality Deed - This is a Confidentiality Deed between a Business and the Service Provider. 

Information Required


The template needs some basic information from you before you can use it. Therefore we have provided specific instructions within the template, to help you understand and insert the details required into the template.

It would only take about 15 minutes for you to insert the details into the template. 

Clauses in our Confidentiality Deeds

Following are the clauses within the Confidentiality Deeds provided below :

1. Definitions & Interpretation

2. Operation

3. Obligation of Confidence

4. Exclusions

5. Return of Confidential Information

6. Injunctive Relief

7. No Reliance

8. Engagement Status

9. No Disclosure of Discussions

10. Benefit

11. Term

12. Termination

13. Effects of Termination

14. Indemnity

15. Notices

16. Miscellaneous

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

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