Who should be using the legal templates sold on this website?

Please read the description provided on the respective webpage before buying the template. The description will explain the circumstance for which the template is to be used. And only if the description matches your circumstance should you buy the template.

How do I use a legal template after purchasing it?

After purchasing a legal template, please follow these steps: 1. Carefully read the template to ensure that it is suited for the legal purpose and circumstances for which it was purchased and to also ensure that you completely understand the document. 2. The cover page of the template has certain instructions which you need to follow prior to signing the document. Please do follow those instructions carefully, including inserting certain details (as highlighted in yellow) into the template. 3. Once all required details are inserted into the template and the parties to the document have read it and are satisfied about the contents of the document, then please ensure the document is signed by all the parties on each page of the document (initials will suffice) and on the signature page of the document (full signature is required).

What happens if I have specific requirements which needs to be inserted or deleted from the template?

After purchasing the template and reading it, you realise that a specific requirement needs to be inserted or deleted from the document, then please contact AJR Lawyers at or by phone. For a reasonable fee as provided in our COST, AJR Lawyers will make the necessary changes to the template within a reasonable time frame.

What happens if we require any additional legal work, advice or clarification?

Unlike many other online legal template websites, LEGAL MOJO is completely owned and operated by AJR Lawyers, which is a full service corporate and commercial law firm. Therefore, AJR Lawyers will be able to assist you with all your legal requirements. Please contact AJR Lawyers using the details provided on our Contact Us page for any additional services you may require. For amending our Templates to suit any specific requirements you may have, please see our Cost.