Cost for Amending Templates


The templates offered by us can be used for the purpose for which it is sold. But if you happen to have certain specific requirements which needs to be included into the template, or if you want the template to be tailored specifically for your business, then AJR Lawyers can make those change for you. 


We always provide cost-effective pricing for all our legal work and are transparent about it. 

Following is AJR Lawyers pricing schedule in order to amend any of our templates as per your requirements. 

(a) AUD $300 - Up to five changes to be carried out in the template. 

(b) AUD $600 - Up to ten changes to be carried out in the template. 

(c) AUD $900 - Up to fifteen or more changes to be carried out in the template. 


After you inform us about your requirements, we will let you know how many changes in the document are needed to be made in order to bring the document in line with you instructions. Please understand, that due to the legalities involved, which a Solicitor has to follow while drafting or amending a legal document, we will need to be the judge in deciding how many changes are needed in the document. 

Our objective is to provide quality legal services in a cost-effective way, so we will always keep your best interest in mind when engaging with you. 

Understanding how Legal Cost works

Our pricing is based on a fixed cost for the entire work and not based on a Solicitor's hourly billings, therefore there are significant cost savings offered in our pricing structure. 

For example, a Solicitor may charge $300 per hour, but in order to amend the template for five complex changes, it may require 3 hours of the Solicitor's time. So if the Solicitor charged per the hour, you would end up paying $900 for the five changes since the billing was hourly based. On the contrary, we offer fixed cost, therefore the price is charged for the whole job and not for every hour spent doing legal work. So the total pricing is significantly cheaper, there are no additional charges you incur and the price is transparent as you will know the total cost up front.