Website Disclaimer

What is a Website Disclaimer?

A Website Disclaimer can be used by any website, including businesses who have an e-commerce store (i.e. they directly sell goods or services online to customers), online forums, blogs, vlogs, non-trading businesses websites, informational websites, etc. 

By using a Website Disclaimer for your website, you are putting your website visitors on notice in relation to any liability which may arise due to them using your website. 

The benefit of having Website Disclaimers, is to limit any liability to your business, which may arise due to various reasons, including as a result of people relying on information or content provided on your website, or because of having visited your website, they ended up getting their computer infected with a virus or any other unwanted program. 

You can also prevent people from misusing the content of your website and protecting your intellectual property in the content. 

Who should buy a Website Disclaimer?

All websites, including online trading (e-commerce) and non-trading websites like business informational websites, blogs, vlogs, online forums, etc can use a Website Disclaimer to protect themselves and their business from any third-party claims.  


If any disputes may arise in the future, and if you already had a website disclaimer on your website, then you can rely on the Disclaimer to resolve the dispute.  

Information Required

We require you to insert a few personal details into the template. Therefore, we have provided you with specific instructions within the template, to help you understand and insert the required details. 

It will only take you about 5 minutes to insert the details. 

Clauses in our Website Disclaimer

Following are the clauses within the Website Disclaimer:

1. Definitions & Interpretation
2. Website Information & Material not Professional Advice
3. Intellectual Property
4. Permitted Use
5. Non-Permitted Use
6. Website Links
7. Security
8. Spam
9. Indemnity
10. Disclaimer
11. Limitation of Liability
12. Variation
13. Severability
14. Law & Jurisdiction 

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for our legal templates if the templates don't match the product description or there are other justifiable circumstances in accordance with our Guarantee Policy.