Website Terms & Conditions

What are Website Terms & Conditions?

Every business which sells goods or services online, is required by Australian law to have Terms and Conditions for their website. 

Terms and Conditions informs customers about your trading terms, pursuant to which you sell your goods or services online.  

You also get to legally protect your business and your website by virtue of your Website Terms & Conditions.  For example, any disputes which may arise with a customer or a third-party can be resolved by relying upon your Website Terms & Conditions. 

What Kind of Website Terms & Conditions Should I Buy? 

There are two kinds which you can buy, Terms and Conditions for Goods and Terms & Conditions for Services. 

(a)  If your website sells any kind of products or goods, then only purchase the Terms 

      & Conditions for Goods; or

(b) If your website sells any kind of services, then only purchase the Terms &

     Conditions for Services. Please note, that there may be products created as a result

     of providing a Service, for that situation as well, you can still use the Website 

     Terms & Conditions for Services. 

Information Required


The template needs some basic information from you before you can use it on your website. Therefore, we have provided specific instructions within the template, to help you understand and insert the details into the template.

It would only take about 15 minutes for you to finalise the template. 


Gift Sack

As a bonus for buying any of the Website Terms & Conditions' templates below, we will also give you a Return & Refund Policy which you can use for your website. 

As a matter of good business practice, it is recommended that you have a seperate Return & Refund Policy on your website, to enable your customers to access it as and when required. It also helps in getting more sales through. 

You need to ensure that you keep the Return & Refund Policy at the bottom of your website, preferably next to the link where the Terms & Conditions are located. 

Clauses provided in our Website Terms & Conditions

Following are the clauses in the Terms & Conditions we offer:

1. Definitions & Interpretations
2. Ownership of Content
3. Intellectual Property & Restrictions of Use
4. Legal Capacity 
5. Colours
6. Pricing 
7.  Specifications 
8. Order & Payment
9. Delivery & Shipping
10. Cancellation
11. Return & Refunds
12. Limitation of Liability
13. Disclaimer
14. Indemnity
15. Sales & Discounts
16. Misuse of the Site
17. Competition Excluded
18. Links to Third-Party Sites
19. GST
20. Privacy
21. Changes to the Terms
22. Binding Nature
23. Assignment
24. Entire Agreement 
25. Survival
26. Force Majeure
27. No Waiver
28. Notices
29. Miscellaneous
30. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back

We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for our legal templates if the templates don't match the product description or there are other justifiable circumstances in accordance with our Guarantee Policy.